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Big love to small businesses this christmas!

To all small business owners with big business goals: Let’s allow ourselves this small space to laugh and be thankful for all those who have trusted us, bought from us, referred to us and supported us.

We are the folks who have won big and small, who have toiled and hustled, scratched out goals and broke through glass ceilings.

We’ve all experienced wins, some big and some small. This is the time to pause and be grateful.

Remember to stand still this Christmas, remember to hug someone or let someone hug you.

Remember to STOP SWIPING….remember to breathe. It’s a time to remember that your graft counts and that you're making an impact!

I’m offering a €100 voucher to all small business owners who know their worth and are planning their 2023 asention.

Let me help you rise up in the new year and build on that hard won impact.

To Book your 2023 brand photography shoot, leave your email in the contact form.

You'll receive a Portrait Boss PDF detailing all my FAQ and the opportunity to

schedule your complimentary call!


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